There's No Place Like Home

We've been home for 5 days and enjoying it more everyday.   Although we are thankful for the ministry God has given to us, we do miss our home life on the farm.

The first day at home was spent unpacking, doing laundry, putting our house together, looking at 5 weeks worth of mail, and much more.  

We got in 4 days of school before we took a break today.  Here are some of the various tasks that some of us accomplished today:

Picking pecan meats, practicing music, cleaning house, doing office work, making granola, playing outdoors, working on the farm, sewing projects, doing laundry, putting clean sheets on the bus beds, and probably other things I don't know about.  :)

Hudson, Denver, Taylor, and Elizabeth were invited to a "nut picking" party.  (Rebecca came without an invitation!!)  They listened to their beloved  Jonathon Park while they were nut pickin'.  About halfway through they had a snack of carrot sticks, dried fruit, and pecans.

Rebecca does everything with gusto!

What a crew!

The 5 oldest are working on a new song of which not even I know all the details.  I think it will include 5 instruments, creativity, and who knows what else.  Stay tuned..........

Allison finally got to finishing the comforter her grandmother helped her put together.

This is our wonderful father and husband trying to make a dent in his never ending desk work. 

Rebecca was Allison's right hand helper in making delicious granola.
The day is not over yet.  Allison is cooking up a yummy soup for supper, Chelsy is baking something wonderful for our church dinner tomorrow, Rebecca is playing harmonica, Elizabeth is cutting fabric, I will be heading outdoors for a walk, and all the men and boys are still outside doing farm work.

Wishing each of you God's blessing on your families as you serve Him.

More Cousin Pictures!

These are a few more snapshots from our time in GA. To read about our day at the aquarium, and for many more pictures, go here to our cousin Ashlyn's blog.


Special Times w/ Cousins

 We have so many pictures from the last several weeks that we want to get up here sometime soon, but for now I just have time for one so the rest will have to come later!
I feel so blessed to have such amazing cousins...and so many of them, too! On Monday we had the opportunity to spend  2 days with mom's younger sister and her family in Georgia. We all went to an aquarium in TN on Wednesday, and got this picture of all 17 of us (just from two families, mind you!) lined up in order of age. Of course our rather large group attracted much attention and speculation. :) To the rest of our Stoltzfus side cousins...we wish you could've all been there too!


Thanks for Praying

Thanks to everyone for praying for the prison crusades.  Since we can't take pictures in the prison, I will attempt to paint  "word" pictures of our time in prison.  Picture about 100 inmates  in a small, rather dilapitated chapel.  Then imagine an innocent 4 year old in shirt, tie, and dress pants putting his chubby arms around an inmate who told us that he has a 4 year old son back home.  Next scene is a grown man weeping.  You can imagine the thoughts of grief, remorse, and pain as he remembers his precious son who is growing up without a daddy.  Next I will take you to a women's institution.  Again, we find ourselves in prison, this time a work release program, with about 100 women tightly squeezed in a simple, small room.  You couldn't even count the kleenex used in that room as our little ones sang and recited Scripture.  While men do cry when our children sing, the women laugh, weep, ooh & ahh, stand up to get a better view, give standing ovations over and over, and "wear their emotions on their sleeves".  You can see the raw pain of regret and disappointment along with their longing to see their babies as they watch our children.    We probably won't know until eternity how much influence our children had on the inmates, but we do know that one evening one of the fathers who had received hug a from Hudson, asked Jesus to be His Lord and Saviour.  Truly, "a little child shall lead them."

And now I will give you an update on our time in SC.  We did have a service in prison on Thursday evening but after the snow storm, they cancelled all the Friday and Saturday evening services.  Although it was a great disappointment, we were so blessed to gather with other believers on Friday evening for a time of praise, testimony, prayer, and ministry.  This was a service that lasted for 6  hours but seemed too short!  Words can't even begin to describe the glorious visitation of the Spirit of God that evening.  Many tears were shed as people testified of God's faithfulness in their lives and also asked for prayer for unsaved relatives, physical ailments, and for more of God's Spirit in their lives.  Truly, it was a little bit of heaven come to earth. 

Praise God, we were able to have services again on Sunday morning.  Our family had the great privilege of going to a women's prison and seeing God work there as women came to the altar, weeping and praying.

So even though we don't understand God's ways, we do know that God is always at work and praise Him for His faithfulness.  He is so able to work in all situations.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them
who are the called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28


Please Pray

We are asking prayer for the Gospel Express Prison Crusade in SC.  Today we are in the middle of a southern "snow storm".  (An inch of snow!!)  The prison officials cancelled all prison services for both today and tomorrow and possibly on Sunday morning.  While this disappointing for all of us who traveled so many miles to participate in this crusade, my heart is grieving for the men and women in prison who were looking forward to the interaction with the volunteers and the evening services.  

Here are the 2 requests:  1.  Pray for the prisoners that they would go to God with their disappointments.  2.  Pray that we (the volunteers) will receive a fresh anointing from God as we spend time together this evening.  3.  Pray that prison officials will allow us to share with the prisoners on Sunday morning.

Thanks!  Pray without ceasing!!


And the Winner is............

Congratulations to Tony Grove from southern Ontario for winning our cd drawing! Tony, please email us with your snail mail address.

Thanks to everyone else who commented. We loved hearing from you!

We will post again when we get pictures downloaded and have internet access.