Spring is here!  I just love the sights, sounds, and smells of spring.  In the morning I wake up to the cheerful sounds of the robins singing.  The trees are budding, the grass is green, and the garlic is up!  We planted the garlic 6 inches deep under compost, soil, and straw last fall; then we  had the joy of watching it spring out of the ground in April.  We have a tea patch that is wanting to take over our farm, or at least take over what used to be a flower garden beside our garage.  Walking within 10 feet of this area will give you the sweet treat of the aroma of mint.  Then there is the smell of freshly mowed grass, the earthy smell of soil that has just been turned over, the pungent smell of chives, and that distinctive smell of a freshly picked bouquet of dandelions.  I usually say that my favorite season is whatever season is current, but I don't think I could ever get tired of the beauty of spring.  

We would love to hear about what part of God's creation you are being blessed with this spring.


  1. We have a couple flower plants and they have been budding!! I love flowers!!

  2. I think the lovlilest sound and most enjoyable thing to me about spring is children laughing OUTSIDE and them exploring all over again the fresh colors of the grass and the beauty of the flowers. Watching the littlest of them see it for the first time. It is always fun to watch the "baby" of the group walk in the cool grass for the first time. Lilacs in bloom is my favorite smell of spring! We would love to spend some time with you guys this summer!
    In Christ,
    Heather Jones

  3. I have to say that here in TN, we have been blessed with rain this past week. After almost 3 years of drought conditions, I am vey thankful for it...even though our grass is almost knee high now. :)

  4. Spring time is my favorite season. Here in the North we are so invigorated by the wake up of the earth. We are presently enjoying the beautiful pink of apple blossoms, yellow, forsythias, and the lilacs just beginning to open. It feels so-o-o good to get my hands into the soil. We have also been enjoying little green onions and loose leaf lettuce, what a treat!
    Love ya, your sis, Sarah

  5. Wow! A post! I am so pleasantly surprised! :-)
    I would have to say my favorite thing about spring is the flowers--their scent, their simple elegance, and their beauty!
    I miss you all...can't wait for July!

  6. Hello...
    Waiting to see how ya'll are? (hint-hint)family photo's, parents, children, the farm (w/family), your home...hello? We are all awaiting something new from "The Bontragers Family Singers"! Thanks...
    love & prayers,
    The Mayo's

  7. The smell of lilacs after the rain has been the most wonderful part of Spring this year. And our baby just born too. (-:

  8. Happy Birthday Allison

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Allison,
    Happy Birthday to you,

    God bless you my sister,
    Jessica Blomgren

  9. Yah, I just love spring with all the flowers and everything else that comes up!!! Plus baby birds!!
    Looking forward to seeing you July 4th Bontager Family!!


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