We're Home!

Updates are on the way...along with many many pictures! We have some computer complications currently so please be patient with us; we hope to share the accumulated news and pictures of 5 weeks with you as soon as possible!
May your day be as bright as these beautiful flowers * and filled with the love of the Lord!
posted by Chelsy, *photography by her mother! (we switched jobs!)


  1. Whoopwhoop one the new jobs! ;)


  2. you must both be very talented to be able to switch roles so easily! lookin' forward to the post. -Wanda

  3. like mother, like daughter!!! :)
    (and yes, its a good thing.) :)

  4. I am so happy you had a great trip! I am sure that the Lord made you all a blessing to others!

  5. Welcome home!! Lovely picture, Aunt Becky! :-) Thanks for the post...and I can hardly wait for the next ???? how many posts! love you guys!

  6. Hello! You're family recently sang at our church in Sabetha, KS. It was so nice to meet your family! I was wondering how long Allison has been taking violin lessons?
    Thanks & God bless!

    Miss "K" Pyle

    P.S. Glad you arrived home safely!

  7. Hi Bontrager Family!!

    Hope all of you are well. You "kids" are growing up too fast- did you folks run out of anti-aging pills or what?? *smile*

    Blessings to you from the sunny weather people in California. Miss you!

  8. Miss "K" Pyle,
    We enjoyed singing at Sabetha, KS (and in so many other places on our 5 week tour) but it is great to be home again!
    Allison has been taking violin lessons for almost 10 years.
    Becky Bontrager

  9. What a wonderful welcome home... to be greeted with spring daffodils. Great job on the photography, Becky!

  10. Lovely picture! And staying tuned. =)

  11. Hi to Becky and all the family--
    I was browsing for someone else, couldn't get thru, then saw your blog info. So this is the first I've visited you.
    God bless your lovely family as you serve and praise the Lord.
    --your New York friend-Rachel


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