Happy Belated First Birthday, Rebecca!!

It's so hard to believe that our baby is now 1 year old! The year went by so fast!
Now for a few "baby facts" about Rebecca:

~She loves eating almost ANYTING (including non-edible items :D)
~Her nicknames are Betsy & Bessie
~Her favorite person is her Daddy! (how does that work?)
~Her favorite toys are things that aren't actually "toys"....
~She has 7 "wee 'ittle toofers" (for those of you who aren't aquainted w/ baby lingo, thats "wee little teeth") with more coming!
~She is named after her mommy & her grandma
~Rebecca is adored and loved by her many "daddies and mommies"

Happy Birthday Betsy! We love you, precious wee little girl!


  1. Happy, happy first birthday, Bessie darling! I miss your brilliant smiles and watching you eat! :-) I miss holding you...and I miss your expressive, big, brown eyes. You are one of the most precious 'ittle children on the face of this earth, and I love you! Marissa

    p.s. the sisters...could you give the lovely Bessie a hug and kiss for me in my absence? *sniff*
    I love you ladies!

  2. Ya soond like a 'lil scottish family... since when didja pick that up??

    Happy birthday, wee bairn!

  3. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!
    Your so cute :)


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