We would like to tell you about some exciting plans that we have made for this year:
1. You are invited to join us on our farm for our 7th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration. The Wissmanns and Norm Wakefield are coming back. We will be putting up an "Events Page" on our website in the near future where we will post a complete schedule.
2. September 7-11 we will be having a family camp with the Wissmanns at Village Creek Bible Camp in Lansing, IA. More details will be on our events page.
3. Chris and Anne Hogan will be coming to Crooked Creek Christian Camp in Washington, IA to do a marriage seminar on November 21-23. Watch our events page for details.
Our prayer is that your family will be encouraged through the teaching and fellowship at these events.


  1. I am at home.
    I am on your blog.
    I am not seeing was promised.
    I am sad.
    I will get over it.
    I will still wait tho.
    I love you.

  2. Hey Nicole,
    SORRY!! It is on now though! (I guess you already saw it) See, when you were here I had all the pics downloaded but I had to do the writing yet. So technically....I wasn't totally truthful. :( so sorry dear!!


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