AND THE WINNER IS.............

We are happy to announce that the winner of our contest is Wanda Stutzman, who is Marlin's youngest sister from Kalona. Congratulations, Wanda!
We finished the vocals and soundtracks on the cd on Wednesday and only need to do the final touches of the mixing. Check back later on today for pictures of the recording and of our bus. Also, coming up is a belated birthday post for Joshua who turned 10 on Monday.


  1. Cheers!!! More updates and pictures! :-) I can't (well...let me say 'I can hardly'...because I have to!) wait to see you all!
    Love, Marissa

  2. Yeah!!!!!! I can't believe I won!!!! Does it help to be related and give such sound advice to your growing teenage daughters about real life issues??!\"/ JK! Actually, they have some pretty good heads on them w/o my help. (pretty and good) Thanks in advance! Can't wait to hear your CD! -Wanda


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