God's Miracles

Finally, I am given another opportunity to post on our neglected blog ! Last week, we were at a place where we had access to internet but I wasted the time trying to figure out how to download pictures from our Mac computer. Today, I'm not even going to try for pictures but I promise that I will post 3 weeks worth of pictures after we are home again.

Truly, it is hard to know how to begin to tell you about what has been happening in our lives but I'll start with a few of the miracles that God has done for us.

For the past few weeks Hudson has had a runny nose, a cough, and sometimes a fever. Finally we decided to take him to the chiropractor but the big question was where to take him in a strange town where we knew no one. We prayed and then Marlin asked a lady at Wal-mart who proceeded to find the number of a local chiropractor in the phone book. He called the number and found out that although the chiropractor was quite busy that morning, he was willing to fit us into his shedule. God's blessing on all of this was threefold: 1. The chiropractor was a Christian. 2. He took time to give adjustments to 3 children instead of 2. 3. He didn't charge us a penny for all that! Hudson quit crying immediately after the adjustment and we left the office rejoicing in God's provision for our family.

The second "miracle" was that when our bus tire blew out, a friend that we had met at the previous evening's service had just pulled up behind us on the interstate and offered to find a service man to change the tire for us. (In case you didn't know, changing a tire on a bus is a bit more complicated than changing a tire on your car!!) Before the man was finished changing the tire, he got 4 more service calls so we were so glad that we were first in line. If it hadn't been for Mr. Troyer's finding this service man for us, we woudn't have made it to our next church in time for our concert. We were amazed at God's timing.

Some of the smaller miracles were hot showers (we spent the first 2 weeks on the bus without hot water); Italian food on the very day that I was craving it; many wonderful hot meals provided by some great cooks; seeing a replica of Christopher Columbus' ship, "Nina", which was docked in Gulf Port for just a few days; and popcorn on a Sunday night.

After 16 services in 15 days, we are thankful to relax here in TX with Marlin's sister and family. It is sunny spring-like day. We are hoping to catch up on sleeping and laundry; get rid of our coughs; and do some schoolwork. Of course, there will be adequate time for playing with cousins!

To all of you who are praying for us, we say thanks. We have seen many times where God used our family to encourage Christians to "fight the good fight". We are so thankful to have the opportunity to serve God in this way.


  1. hey dears!
    so good to see your post here... i am still in awe of the goodness of God.
    i miss you all so bad and really hope that we can bond when you get back! :)
    do you have anything that needs cleaning or organizing?! :)
    love ya!

  2. Dear Friends,
    Was so nice to get some news on your travels. Yes a few pic's will be nice...It is always so special to hear how God provides in so many ways...we are praying for you. We are thinking of you as we are shoveling out from a back-to-back snow storm! 18" in 2 days! God has provided shovels for all!(smile) Our love & prayers, looking forward to see you, Mayo's

  3. Hey Chels!!

    I hope ya'll are having a marvelous time!! Enjoy the sunshine while you're in the sunny south;-) You could even bring a little of it back with you when you come home!!



  4. Wow! Dear me, two weeks without hot water... Phew!!
    I'm praying for you! I hope you have a great time!


  5. Life sounds interesting. I suggest staying where it's warm.\"/ Love, Wanda

  6. Hey to you all..... we were so sorry to miss you guys in SC! such a bummer!! Hopefully next year!

  7. that's just like my daddy-God! Awesome!

    miss you guys and can't wait to practice wedding music chels! fun, fun!



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