This month finds us busy with projects as we anticipate being gone for almost the entire month of February. High on the "to do list" was getting 2 new singing outfits. This included making sure that our 6 young men plus Marlin had matching ties for both outfits. With the Lord's blessing at resale shop, ties that came with dress shirts, plus 2 ties from a friend (thanks, Pam!!) we were able to get 2 sets of ties the entire bunch. That adds up to 14 ties.
Denver thought it would be fun to see how many ties he could wear at the same time.
In spite of all the activity of trip preparations, there are still Math and Language lessons to be done.

Every year after Christmas, we put on our fridge the many beautiful family pictures we receive from family and friends.

Chelsy assists her father in the ministry by typing the schedule, sending out letters and posters to contact people, and keeping our web site current.

"And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." Colossians 3:17


  1. I hope you have a nice time and that the Lord keeps you safe!
    I laughed so much with Denver and the ties!! And that picture of all the photographs on the fridge is great. I liked it.

  2. Thanks for the comment you left on our blog Alison I'm guessing you found our blog off the millers site?
    I was wondering if you could give me the link to your family's bands website ? Your family looks a lot like ours :)
    God bless
    P.s feel free to look at our blog and leave comments when ever you want!

  3. awwww! i miss you already!
    ya'll are beautiful, especially those writing hands! :)
    love ya!

  4. Looks like busy times! I love the tie photo! :)


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