We would like to ask that you pray for our family as we prepare for our first road trip with the bus. Plans are to leave tomorrow for the weekend in Des Moines and then come home for 4 days before we head for the south.
If God brings our family to your mind please pray specifically for some of us who have cold symptoms which is affecting the singing. Also, pray that we would be able to complete the projects that need to be completed before we leave.
Rejoice with us that God has provided for us to purchase a bus in which to travel in. I will try to post some pictures some time next week.


  1. hey,
    i will be praying for ya'll!!
    safe travels:)

  2. Dear friends, 1-26-08
    Our prayers prayers are with you & our prayers also are with those whom you will be ministering too, may they come to know christ! God bless and ...see you soon! Our love, the Mayo family

  3. hey dears... so so so sad that you are moving... i mean leaving all your very good friends back home... to travel the world... well, the usa world.
    anyway, i will miss you all so immensely and intensely, but am very glad that we can see you tuesday.
    okay, i will quit babbling and just beg and ask that you please, kindly please post whilest thou are gonest.
    thankesting you dearingly!


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