Family Fun

Last evening we got together with some friends, the Yoder's and Chmelars, for an evening of food, fun, and music.
There was lots of good food! There was this really fun game called "Screamo" and yes, there was plenty of screaming in this game. I won't give you all the rules (are there any rules to this game?) but I will tell you that it is a great game for young and old, it tests your basic math skills, and it has plenty of action!

Oh, and you can eat and play at the same time!

After the game, the young people got out the fiddles, mandolins, a guitar, bass guitar, and banjo and played some great music.

Food + Games + Music + Good Friends = Fun.
Thanks Yoders and Chmelars for the great time! Happy Trails!


  1. Oh, what a night it was!!!! We had such a great time with everyone. Thanks for joining us. Next time we will have the "Official" rules for the game.

  2. Hey looks like a blessed time of fellowship! Thinking about ya'll! We will be praying for your up coming weeks...can;t wait to see you! love & prayers...the Mayo's

  3. What can I say;-) We's all a bunch of crazy's!!! That was soooo fun!


  4. awww! you posted! so pleased and proud! my bottons are popping off from pride! :) (that popping part should be said with the voice of diane in anne of green gables when they are preparing for diana's wedding!)
    ok.. thanks again... and yes, good times, good times!
    HT to you too!
    ps, are you haunting my blog with annon. comments?!
    love ya!

  5. i agree with the other girls! last night was such fun! that game sure took some years off my life! ahhh! thanks for all the good times! can't wait to do it again! i just realized that i've been ending all my sentences with exclamation points! ;0

    by the way alyssa!... wheres you learns howter talk?!?

  6. The same place you learned how to spell!!!! And use the shift key!!!


  7. hey lyssa... i can't find it!

  8. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! and tiff explained
    screamo, (sort of.)
    gotta go eat supper,
    yours truely,
    Bridgette Brenneman


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