Happy 2nd Birthday, Hudson!!

We joked about all the "girls" that loved to kiss Hudson this summer. :) Other than his adoring sisters, we are referring to the many mosquitos that, ahem, loved him.:) He didn't appreciate that attention very much. Poor little guy!! In August his face was literally peppered with "kiss marks".
This little guy is 2 today!!! I wonder how we ever did without him. What in the world did we have to laugh at??:) Just before I came to post this, Mom was putting him to bed & I jokingly said to him "Goodnight, Plumpy." He grinned as I gave him a kiss and replied "I not pumpy!!! I a feetie pie!!!" (sweetie pie, for those of you who need interpretation:)) That is his newest comeback to all the nicknames we have for him. His chosen and favorite one is "Feetie Pie!" :) His smile and enthusiasm are very contagious and his giggle is one of a kind! He is a great helper and loves to wash "egglins" (eggs) with Allison "feed titties" (kitties) with Denver, "pay pano" (piano), "pet it" (touch Rebecca), and his latest hobby is listening to lots of "mooskic" (music) :)
His vocabulary grows every day as he is with older siblings who like to try out their new spelling words on everyone. As he is an extreme copycat, all those big words the "big kids" say are often heard not long after by the little repeater. Hudson's favorite activity is anything farm-related. He loves playing farm and riding with Daddy in the combine, tractor, and skid loader. His brothers are always willing and eager to take him along with them while they chore and he really loves when he can do that!
Truly God has blessed us with this loving and dear little man who is so full of life and love!
Happy Birthday, Hudson!! We love you!

(written by Chelsy)


  1. Hey,Huds-I love you very much.You are a great little DUDE.Happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Huds! You're one of the sweetest little boys ever! We all love your sweet smiles..and I'll never forget your "smackeroozies". (wink to Chelsy :-) lovely pictures, Chels! They totally capture all the fun and energy that Huds is overflowing with! love, Marissa

  3. Happy Birthday Hudson Buddy... I know you don't really know me, but I know you. Keep smiling so happily and we'll see you tomorrow.
    Love Nicole


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