Big News!

Hey Everyone!!
Just wanted to let all know that we just had a new "soprano" join the Bontrager Family Singers!!! :) She is a perfect fit to our group and she's already got a gorgeous voice!! :)Can anyone guess who this little lady is??!!! (Scroll down to the next post to find out...:))


  1. What a gorgeous baby!!! I bet you are all so excited! Glad everything went so well! -Elaine

  2. Congratulations!!! We were so glad to get the news. Rebecca is beautiful! So glad to hear that the labor and delivery went great. Looking forward to meeting your newest addition as soon as we can. The Keagle Family

  3. Praising God for Rebecca's safe arrival! Can't wait to meet her!-Aunt Wanda

  4. Congratulations on the safe and healthy arrival of our new niece and cousin! She looks adorable. Blessings to all of you in your excitement!

    The Millers from Tyler, TX

  5. Welcome to this big wide world, Rebecca! You are a blessing!

    Congratulations to all of you - I was so excited to hear the news! Must be the season for new life because I'm only a few weeks away from meeting our new little one!!

  6. Congratulations on your newest blessing coming into view! Isn't it wonderful to gaze on her face and see such a beautiful expression of God’s miraculous hand? We're all glad the birth went well and mother and baby are fine and healthy. God is good. We can't wait to meet Rebecca!
    Love, the Desaulniers family

  7. What a beautiful blessing!! So happy for your family! Glad everything went well...
    ~Sara (Wes and Aubrey)

  8. wow! What a beautiful new baby!
    So happy for all of you!
    Congratulations!!!!!-The Morlans


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