6th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration

6th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration
(open to the public-invite your friends & family! Don't miss this great family-oriented event!)

When: Labor Day, September 3rd, 2007
Where: Bontragers Farm, 1881 Johnson Washington Road, Kalona, Iowa
*2:00pm-Norm Wakefield (“God’s Design for Blessing the Family”)
*4:45pm-Potluck (bring plenty of food to share-table service and drinks will be provided)
*6:45pm-Welcome & music by the Bontragers &
*7:15pm-Norm Wakefield (“Building a Legacy of Revival in America”))
*8:15pm-Loren Wissmann Family

*Special Guest Speaker Norm Wakefield from Bulverde, Texas www.spiritofelijah.com

*Concert by the Loren Wissmann Family from Seward, Nebraska www.wissmannfamily.com

For directions & more details, contact us!
*Website: www.bontragerfamilysingers.com
*Email: info@bontragerfamilysingers.com
*Phone: 319-330-4513 or 319-656-2151


“And He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”
~Malachi 4:6~



We were blessed to get some delicious corn from a neighbor early one morning. The boys got busy husking while the girls set up a table and tubs for washing, cutting, and packaging. By noon we had 77 quarts of corn in the freezer. And guess what we had for lunch??????
Hudson was such a good little helper. He certainly does not want to be left out of the action. Keep on husking!!

What a lot of energy is contained in these six boys!

Allison was a faithful scrubber and cleaner.

Chelsy and I got to cut the corn.

July in Pictures

Colorful snapdragons are one of God's summer gifts.
Chelsy enjoyed spending an evening with her cousin, Dorcas, from WI.

Hudson loves eating raw cucumbers!! m-m-m Corn on the cob is one of summer's best treats.

The children and I spent a morning at a local park and then had a picnic lunch.

A highlight for all of us-swimming at a friend's pool.

Elizabeth likes helping make pancakes.

Taylor and Elizabeth share a special time with Joshua as he reads Bible stories.