We made it!

After 14 hours traveling, we are finally here at one of our favorite
vacation spots on earth! We arrived at Grandpa's yesturday
evening in time for one of Grandma's delicious meals. (now, I know
I'm the grandaughter, but my grandma's are the best cooks there
are!! seriously. :D)
This morning we got to pick the strawberries for Grandma, and
then we went over to the Haiti Benefit Auction in Penn Yan. It was so
fun to see all our NY friends & cousins, as well as several Kalona
people who had come up for the auction.
After that Mom & we 5 oldest children went over to the Windmill
(a local flea market type of place) where Mom used to work when
she in NY. It was so much fun to browse thru the buildings, take
a pony cart ride with grandpa's cousin)and even
meet some old acquaintances of Mom's!
Tonight we are planning to just be here at Grandpa's. Mom is
making pizza, & we're probably going to eat out on the deck
overlooking the lake.
What precious memories we are making!
We love you, Grandpa & Grandma!


  1. Glad you made it safely there... have fun and take lots of great pictures - - but don't wait too long to post them! :)

  2. i also am glad you made it safe!!:)
    we missed you on saturday!!
    God bless you,Grace

  3. hope you all are having a blast in new york! come home soon - and drive safe! chels, when you get home e-mail me when you get a chance.
    love you all... tiff


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