Welcome Friends and Family!

Welcome to our family blog!
This is where you can keep current with our family happenings!
We'll be posting photos and writing entries as we experience
all that the Lord has planned for us in the coming year!
Many blessings to you!


  1. Hello, Bontragers, from a fellow Iowan! Just wanted to say, beautiful website! Also, Chelsy, can a person use regular sugar (gasp) instead of pure cane juice sugar for those oatmeal cookies? I will pray for your ministry!

  2. Sheila,
    Thanks for stopping by @ our blog & site!
    Yes, regular sugar would work for the cookies~the original recipe called for normal brown sugar so I'm sure whatever you have will work fine too. Hope they turn out! :)
    Just curious...how did you hear about our site? (I'm assuming you subscribe to Kim Brenneman's ezine & read my articles?)
    Thanks for praying for us~we appriciate it!
    God Bless!
    Chelsy for the Bontragers

  3. Thanks, Chelsy! Yes, I get the LFL e-zine. I "stumbled" across your site through the Family Bluegrass Festival (Itasca, MN) site. We are friends of the Berges and Carons. We're REALLY hoping to be able to go to the festival this year. 'Missed the first one. God bless!

  4. What a treat! I've enjoyed "meeting" your family on the website, after being introduced through LFL. I would love to peek into your daily routine for some insight into how you schedule and "school". Your children are obviously very bright, as well as talented.
    May the Lord richly bless your family and ministry.
    Beth from Mississippi

  5. Beth,
    Thanks for your gracious comment about our family. We do strive to follow God in all that we do but we find ourselves falling short so many times.
    I will try to answer your question about our daily routine and school in tomorrow's blog.


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